Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unusual Fly-past and the Wobbly World of Heat-haze

This black swan from the collection of ornamental waterfowl on the boating lake at Cleethorpes joined the local mute swans for a fly-past this morning, while ....

.... out beyond the saltmarsh a little egret, a classic sailing ship and the wind turbines on the Yorkshire coast of the River Humber all had some wind in their sails, even if everything was shimmering in a heat-haze


  1. Pete's comment on your egret photo was "that's wonderful. And they tell me global warming ain't happening" The last time he saw a 'cow bird' was in the Bahamas.

    Beautiful shot.

    On a camera note, further to our previous conversation, we're considering a micro system now rather than DSLR. Any tips?

  2. Wow, fantastic shot of the Black Swan flying with Mutes. It's a puzzle why Black Swans have white flight feathers - far more usual to see white birds with black flight feathers, as the melanin makes the feathers stronger.

    The heat haze in the second pic creates a beautiful painterly effect.

  3. Hi snippa, Isn't it amazing how fast little egrets have colonised our shores. A wildlife success story. I've been using a Panasonic G2 micro four thirds camera for about a year (bargain in a sale - the G3 was about to supersede it) and I have to say it's a brilliant camera. I used it for these pictures, with a 45-200mm lens. Lighter and more compact that a DSLR with a very useful fold-out viewing screen, which is great for ground level shots of toadstools etc. I'm saving up to buy a macro lens for it.

  4. Hi Marianne, I hadn't realised they had white primaries until I saw this one in flight. There's a better heat-haze picture of the boat at

  5. Hi toffeeapple, it sailed into view just at the right moment!