Monday, May 21, 2012

Strange Bee-haviour

I found this little cuckoo bee (Nomada sp. - possibly N. succinta, but there are scores of rather similar species to choose from!)   clinging on in his strange way to a developing Amelanchier fruit in the garden this afternoon, apparently feeding on something that looks like it might be a fungal mould. It has beautiful eyes but rather less attractive habits, since it's a kleptoparasite of the nests of other solitary bees. 

Africa Gomez over at BugBlog has just posted some very fine photos of its victims and Annie Gates, a gifted young wildlife photographer, has another photo of a cuckoo bee, much better than mine, over on her father's blog at The Living Isle.


  1. I totally agree with what Caroline said.

  2. Thanks Uncle Phil! I'm enjoying reading your blog! xx

  3. Hi Annie, I'm really impressed with your photos. Your picture of the peacock butterfly that Rob posted the other day was brilliant!