Friday, July 2, 2010

Scorpion Without a Sting in its Tail

This, above and below, is a male scorpion fly Panorpa communis, with the characteristic turned-up tail that gives it it's name - but which is a piece of equipment for mating rather than defensive armament.

........ and here's the female, the object of his desires. Sadly, he never got the chance to consummate the relationship, because as I watched ....

...... she was grabbed and eaten by this predatory sawfly, which I think is Rhodogaster viridis.

A small everyday tragedy in the undergrowth.


  1. Such beautiful markings on their wings.

    And what a way to meet your end! lol

  2. Cracking sequence of superb photo's Phil

  3. Thanks lotusleaf, they are fascinating insects..

  4. I agree with you Keith - very beautiful wings

  5. Thanks Stewart J, it's amazing what you see when you just sit in the grass and wait to see what turns up!