Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Garden Chafer

This rather attractive beetle is (I think) a garden chafer Phyllopertha horticola, which we found a long way from any gardens - struggling to cross the sand dunes at Holkham NNR in Norfolk, when we visited a couple of weeks ago. Blown off course from cereal fields nearby perhaps, where its root-feeding larvae can be a pest.


  1. It is a beauty, you get some serious depth of field in all these shots. Ring flash or a compact camera?

  2. Hi Andrian,
    Compact camera Pentax W20 see http://www.ukdigitalcamerareviews.co.uk/pentax_optio_w20_reviews.htm
    Once you get familiar with ts settings and used to its limitations it's a brilliant piece of kit. If they still made them I'd buy another as a back-up. I bought one of the later models that has HD video and additional bells and whistles, but the battery life is crap - with the W20 a charge lasts a long time and you get reasonable warning when it's running out.

  3. A stunningly beautiful beetle Phil.

  4. Hi Keith, those metallic colours really light up when the sun comes out..