Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ripon Canal

The Ripon Canal, one of the most northerly in England, came within a whisker of being filled in the late 1950s, but now it has been beautifully restored.

It runs almost from the centre of the city over just 2.5 miles to its junction with the River Ure, through three locks and this elegant bridge.

We detoured here on our way back from Norfolk to Durham, and found a fantastic display of wild flowers along the canal bank walk and in the canal itself.

White water lily

Yellow waterlily (a.k.a. brandy bottles)



Meadow Crane'sbill

Amphibious bistort


Marsh woundwort

..... and with all those flowers, plenty of butterflies too - like this comma.

Well worth a visit if you're in the area and fancy a short but very enjoyable canal-side walk.......


  1. Wish my reference books had images like yours. Thank you once again for a grand post.

  2. Well, I enjoyed the walk immensly just now! Thank you for a wonderful post.

  3. HM...what you call "brandy bottles" (which I love as a name), we call "spatterdock" over here on this side of The Pond.

    Lovely Pics.

  4. A real haven for plants and wildlife.
    Lovely shots of the plants Phil.

  5. It would be even better taking a boat down the canal, Adrian...

  6. Interesting name Ellen - I wonder where 'spatterdock' comes from?

  7. Hi Keith, Canal-side plants are particularly attractive in high summer - maybe because there's no shortage of water.......