Monday, July 5, 2010

Mull of Galloway 1

Last week's trip down to the Mull of Galloway was an absolute delight. This is the southernmost point in Scotland - further south in latitude than Durham, where we'd driven from. The fine lighthouse stands at the point where the waters of the North Channel and Solway Firth mingle and from this spot you can see Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the peaks of the Lake District.

The cliffs here are an RSPB reserve noted for nesting seabirds like these ....

... guillemots that nest on impossibly narrow ledges ....

... where there's standing room only during the breeding season.

The cliff top grassland provides fine habitat for species like this twite .....

... and a hard-working meadow pipit that seemed to have lost its tail feathers.


  1. It is a magical place. I once followed (on foot)a Basking Shark as it slowly toured along the rock edges on the east side of the Mull point.

  2. Hi Dick, that must have been a wonderful sight. We kept a look out for dolphins and porpoises while we were there........ but no luck this time

  3. It's a wonderful place, lotusleaf..