Sunday, July 14, 2013

Holiday Photo

Just returned from a week on the Northumberland coast, in a holiday cottage just one minute's walk from the beach at Budle Bay. We've been visiting this coast for over 30 years but I can't remember a week when the weather has been so good - dawn to dusk sunshine, apart from a couple of days when the mist didn't clear until mid-day. 

It's going to take a while to sort out all the pictures of birds, coastal wild flowers and insects, so for now here is a picture of a Budle Bay Sundowner, the ideal aperitif after a long, hot day in the field.

To prepare a Budle Bay Sundowner, take one glass of chilled white wine of your choice and stand it on the kitchen window ledge overlooking the bay, where the sun in all its fiery splendour is sinking slowly towards the horizon. Admire the upside-down image of the bay while you are waiting for the sun to touch the rim of the glass and pour its energy into your drink.

Then drink it.

It does you good: trust me, I'm a doctor 


  1. Sound advice, Phil. Will try to follow it.
    It may be a phrase that's used too often, but that did make us laugh out loud!

  2. Hi Graeme, We had a whole week of perfect sunsets, so were able to repeat the treatment every evening....

  3. The bigger the glass, the better the (photographic) effect Richard ...