Saturday, July 6, 2013

BBC Radio 4 Guide to Garden Wildlife

At 9.30am. on Monday 8th. July Brett Westwood and I are presenting the first of a new five-part series called A Guide to Garden Wildlife, produced by Sarah Blunt at the BBC Natural History Unit.

The home page for the series can be accessed by clicking here.

The series also has its own dedicated blog, accessed by clicking here.


  1. I'll be listening. Congratulations.

  2. At last, something really interesting to listen to at that time. I look forward with great pleasure to hearing it.

  3. Thank you for letting us know ...

  4. Hi Uncle Phil,

    This morning I listened to your first episode of a Guide to Garden Wildlife :) It was really interesting!

    Can't wait for the next one :D
    Love Annie x

  5. Ta Phil, I wish I'd had you as a mentor it was a brilliant programme.
    The owls were egging the job a bit.

  6. Very interesting Phil. Saw this too late for the live broadcast but pleased to find it is available as a podcast. Great to hear the voice behind the blog!

  7. Thanks Adrian,Caroline,Toffeeapple,Annie and John

  8. Phil, you're a saviour!

    Stuck indoors today, not feeling well. Can't face books or tv. Then I remembered your radio programme was available on 'Listen again'.

    Many, many thanks!

    And lots of interesting ideas for when I'm up and about again...

    1. Hi Graeme, thanks for the kind sentiments - hope you're recovering fast. All the best, Phil