Thursday, June 13, 2013

Early Summer in Teesdale

Some pictures taken around Romaldkirk in Teesdale today.

This year has produced some of the finest displays of hawthorn blossom that I've ever seen - but here's something strange. The two hawthorns that you can see in the picture above were once part of an old hedge, so are of more or less equal age. But whereas the tree in the centre has so much blossom covering its branches that it looks like an iced wedding cake, the hawthorn on the left has almost none at all (double click for a larger image). Maybe it flowered and fruited heavily last year and is having a year off...

Early June sees wood cranesbill, in the foreground, coming into bloom, while all the pastures are full of buttercups.

The curlews have chicks now, so when you walk through the fields the parent birds do their best to lure you away, uttering alarm calls to alert their chicks.....

... and there are willow warblers everywhere in the alders, searching for food for nestlings.

The old disused railway line between Romaldkirk and Cotherstone. It's a very pleasant two mile stroll between them, with good pubs at either end.

Romaldkirk. All the roadside verges in this part of the dale are frothy with cow parsley at the moment.


  1. Thanks Phil, this inspired us to follow in your footsteps yesterday; we did a loop back to Cotherstone along the Teesdale Way. A lovely varied walk...

  2. Hi Andy, it's a nice route isn't it. When we are feeling more energetic we sometimes do the route in the other direction, from Romaldkirk towards Middleton-in-Teesdale...