Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eider Duck and Chips

Today's Guardian Country Diary concerns a trip to Seahouses harbour, on what turned out to be a wet Sunday.

This is one of the best places I know of to watch eider ducks at close quarters because a flock always congregates in the harbour during spring courtship. Better still, they have a liking for chips, so if you chuck them a chip from your fish 'n chips they'll paddle within close camera range. The breeding plumage of the drakes is truly magnificent and their 'ah-hoooo' courtship calls charm onlookers, as well as the female ducks.

The female ducks' brown mottled plumage provides excellent camouflage when they sit amongst wrack-covered rocks at low tide, as well as famously warm insulation.

When they're afloat eider drakes are wonderfully sleek, rakish birds but there's a lot below the waterline that's rather less elegant....

.... including a portly belly, knobbly knees ....

.... and big feet, that give them the kick that they need for diving for crabs............ if there are no chips on the menu.

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  1. Thanks again Phil. Grand shots.

  2. Definitely my favourite ducks, Adrian...