Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pink-footed geese (?) flypast

This magnificent skein of what I think are probably pink-footed geese flew overhead while we were standing on the Fish Quay at North Shields this afternoon. There are 97 in this picture and there were around a dozen more out-of-shot. Double-click for a larger image.

Always one of the most stirring sights in winter.

It's generally supposed that flying in echelon like this gives the birds an aerodynamic advantage from the vortices from the bird in front - tough if you happen to be the bird in the lead, although the leader of the skein changes quite frequently.


  1. I was leading a walk on my home patch in Killingworth today Phil and spotted this skein of geese flying north. I perhaps over estimated at 150. I was sure they were Pink-footed Geese, although I think maybe a few participants may have been a little skeptical as to my being definitely correct. I was some way away. I'll refer them to your blog.:-)

  2. I've always been a bit vague on goose ID Brian, but that seemed to be the most likely - they were a lovely sight, though. All the best, Phil

  3. I'd say with some certainty your ID is correct Phil. Amazing sight.

  4. I'd say you're right Phil.
    Amazing sight.

  5. Certainly a refreshing change from the flocks of seagulls in the Fish Quay, Keith!


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