Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just waiting to get their hooks into you ...

Hooked fruits of six British wild flowers, that you might find attached to your trousers after a country walk in autumn. How many can you identify? Answers at the bottom.

A. Fruits about 2.5 cm. in diameter. Common on woodland edges and waste ground.

B. fruits about 5mm. long. In hedgerows and grassland, often on calcareous soils.

C. Fruits about 3mm. long. A woodland herb.

D. Fruits about 3mm. in diameter. A major agricultural weed, common in hedgerows.

E. Fruits about 8-10mm. A common weed of waste places, often found on woodland edges.

F. Fruits about 3mm. A woodland herb.

A. Burdock Actium lappa.
B. Agrimony Agromonia eupatoria
C. Enchanter's nightshade Circaea lutetiana
D. Gooosegrass aka cleavers aka sticky Jack Galium aparine
E. Herb bennet aka wood avens Geum urbanum
F. Sanicle Sanicula europaea


  1. Thanks for these Phil. Nice to have them all in one place. They already are....stuck to the dogs.

  2. I think that's how the guy who invented Velcro got his inspiration, Adrian - from combing burdock out of his dog's coat..