Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Adaptability and Resilience - the secret of survival?

After two days of gales and driving rain, these two well-fledged collared dove juveniles re-appeared in the hawthorn tree in our garden, waiting to be fed by harassed parents who have successful driven magpies away from their nest over the last few weeks. 

In a little under a century this species has dispersed from Turkey right across Europe and even into Norway. 

If I had to bet on a bird species that would adapt to climate change, I'd put my money on collared doves.

You can see one of their earlier breeding efforts here.


  1. They've certainly 'spread their wings', so to speak.

  2. I think it was a mistake that collared doves weren't here already. Unlike some species which have newly made their homes here - they look as if they truly belong, that this is their proper home. The only wish - that they would extend their vocabulary a little and learn a few more things to say.

  3. Certainly have Keith, we seem to have a small flock of them in the garden in winter, camped on the bird table...

  4. You have a point there Lucy .... and it would be good if they could vary their monotonous repertoire a bit!