Thursday, July 5, 2012

Who ate all the grass?

Today's Guardian Country Diary describes a walk along the old railway line from Romaldkirk to Middleton-in-Teesdale. This was the scene when we were outward bound, crossing the viaduct over the river Lune, with a farmer hurrying to collect grass for silage before the next rain storm arrived.

Here's the scene an hour later, when we were making our way back. Notice the small brown speck in the middle of the mown field, which turned out to be ........

.......... a roe deer, apparently bewildered because all they grass that was there on the last occasion it had passed this way was gone.

It hung around for several minutes, having a good look around and an occasional nibble, before ambling off into the shadows.


  1. A beautiful story of the landscape, Phil. You were there at just the right moment.

    The sward in our local meadows stands waist-high now, and is full of biters too! Due to be cut any day, I reckon.

  2. Lucky timing Rob. It's going to be too wet for haymaking here for quite a while - when you walk through the meadows at the moment you get soaked, up to your waist....