Sunday, February 21, 2010

When the Boat comes in.......

I like places that celebrate their heritage. This cavorting fish....

..... pursued by a long line of similar-shaped ridge tiles chasing its tail ......

.... and the fish motif on the street lamps..

.... and on the end of the public benches on the quay, where you can sit and eat your fish and chips, mean that you could only be ......

... in North Shields


  1. Not a place I would have thought of visiting. I will think again, thanks.

  2. Hi Adrian, check out Tynemouth (wonderful flea market in the beautiful old Victorian station on Saturdays) and St. Mary's island while you're there..

  3. Those special touches really add something unique to a place. The sculptures are lovely. I've never been to North Shields or Tynemout but they sound like somewhere I'd like to go in the Summer. I followed a link to the flea market and it sounds really good.

  4. Hi Phil, Heard your programme on Radio 4 the other morning and thought it was excellent.

  5. Thanks Emma, it was fun doing it. Lionel is a delight to work with and Sarah Blunt, the producer who comes from Corbridge, is an absolute genius at editing all the hesitant 'errs' and 'umms'!

  6. Hi Lesley, if you go, check out Tynemouth sands and the imposing Admiral Collingwood memorial - and the intriguing Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade Museum - see


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