Friday, February 5, 2010

Call of the Wild

There are some wildlife sounds that instantly evoke the atmosphere of whole landscapes. For me it’s the sound of redshanks, which you can find at this web site. For me their calls summon up a host of memories of visits to desolate saltmarshes, windswept sandy beaches and surf on rocky shores. Anybody else got any iconic wildlife sounds that convey the same sense of place?

These redshanks were on the beach at Seaburn last weekend.


  1. Lovely shots Phil, especially that last one. Must have been a great sight to witness.

    The sound of a Skylark singing, as it steadily climbs upwards .......... memories of summer when I was a kid. Sheer magic.

  2. The Curlew on the moors in summer.

  3. Up here in the Pennines it has to be the returning Curlew's closely followed by Lapwing.

    Great blog Phil



  4. Ah, yes Keith, skylarks - now there's a sound to lift the spirits........

  5. Curlews and lapwings...thanks! You've just reminded me of two delighted to look forward to in a few weeks time!

  6. Yes I think I would agree with Citybirding and Stuart J that the curlew might just pip the redshank. Trouble is the more I thought about your question the more alternatives I came up with. I've blogged a few more candidates at

  7. Hi Nyctalus, yes, you do soon develop quite a long list. I rather like the song of hedge sparrows in spring....


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