Saturday, September 1, 2012

This'll Make Washing-up more Interesting ....

It's a sure sign that we're on the threshold of autumn when spiders become more conspicuous. The beautifully marked Araneus diadematus has spun her web outside our kitchen window, perhaps wise to the possibility that the kitchen light will attract prey to the window and into her web. 

Standing at the sink, washing the dushes, will be a bit more interesting now that I can monitor this predator's progress.

The colour of these garden spiders (also known as diadem spiders and cross spiders) is very varied and most in our garden are shades of brown - individuals with this attractive black, white and grey colour scheme are uncommon around here.

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  1. If i have that spider in front of me, i will not be challenged,....i will be scared!

  2. Apparently they can bite but very rarely do, Andrea.