Sunday, September 24, 2023

Some toadstools from the Tunstall valley, Weardale

 It has been a slow start to the toadstool season hereabouts, but these are a few recent finds from the Tunstall valley in Weardale. They were all photographed in or around Backstone Bank wood, an ancient oak woodland. I'm not 100 per cent sure about the identifications, so would welcome any corrections.

Two brown birch boletes Leccinum scabrum

Smokey bracket Bjerkandera adusta

Felt saddle Helvella macropus, partially excavated from the leaf litter in the top photo, to reveal the stipe

awny grisettes Amanita fulva

An Amanita, probably the panther cap A. pantherina with spot pattern disrupted by rain

A brittlegill Russula sp.

Tiger's eye Coltrichia perennis

.... and one with rather beautiful gills, that I haven't been able to ID yet

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