Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Meadow pipits

Meadow pipits are so common and widely distributed that they tend to be overlooked, but with their speckled breasts and neatly patterned wings they are attractive birds. 

The two locations where I most often encounter them here in the North East are coastal grasslands and moorland edge. This bird was photographed in near Hawthorn Dene, on the Durham coast.

I encountered this bird on Blanchland moor, just when the bell heather was beginning to bloom. Every time I approached, it rose and flew a little further away, so I suspect it was decoying me away from its nest.

Another bird from the edge of Blanchland moor. This one has no fewer than three grasshoppers in its beak and was about to feed fledglings. When you think about it, that's is pretty impressive hunting, catching the third when you've already got a beak full! 

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