Sunday, June 21, 2015

Longhorn moths

Last week Mark Cocker wrote a fascinating Guardian Country Diary about the yellow-barred longhorn moth Nemophora degeerella  (click here to read his piece). 

By a lucky coincidence, when we visited my eldest son and his partner today their garden at Winlaton Mill near Blaydon was home to a small swarm of these little moths with amazingly long antennae. 

Part of the charm of these moths lies in their courtship 'dances' when they flutter, hover and weave from side to side waving this outsized antennae. It's the moth equivalent of Saturday Night Fever, or maybe a break-dancing contest. They put on a stunning performance this lunchtime - must try to capture it on video next time.


  1. I'd not knowingly seen these before until last Friday when walking around Dene Park Woods in Tonbridge looking for Butterflys.

  2. They have long antennae. which is rare .


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