Saturday, April 12, 2014


I found this stonefly crawling on the footpath on Wylam bridge across the river Tyne yesterday.

Key identification features of stoneflies are their flattened profile, paired tail filaments and a strong propensity to scuttle along rather than fly.

Stoneflies, which are important food for fish and birds like dippers and wagtails. They're very sensitive to water pollution so their presence is a reassuring sign of good water quality in the river.

Click here for more on stoneflies.


  1. Phil, what are you using for your macros? They have always been excellent but the last few post are better still.

  2. It's a Panasonic (Leica) 45mm macro lens on a Panasonic G2. Very light and convenient to carry around.

    1. It is impressive and the small sensor gives great depth of field.