Monday, September 30, 2013

One species, three disguises: three beautiful spiders

I have had real difficulty in identifying these three spiders, all found at the weekend, but now, thanks to help from Dave Jewsbury at the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, it's clear that they are all the same species - Metallina segmentata, which is described in spider guides as being 'extremely variable in markings and colour'. You can say that again .....

Thanks Dave.

This one lurks in a Genista bush in our garden ...

...... and this beauty was hiding between the leaves of an elm near the river Wear at Wolsingham. Those markings on the abdomen call to mind a fine cracked glaze on a high quality ceramic.

Finally, this one was sunning itself on a brome grass stem.


  1. As you well know I'm not sure but I am guessing. Garden spider, Pirate spider and an I dn't know.
    Beautiful shots.

  2. Hi, I think these may all be the same species. Metallina segmentata (or mengei) females.

    1. Thanks Dave, I really appreciate your help. I've had a look in a book or two and I'm sure you are right. It's described as being 'extremely variable in markings and colour' .... and now I can see why!