Saturday, December 29, 2012

Plicatura crispa

I was struggling to identify this fungus, found this afternoon in woodland at Houghall near Durham city, so I posted it on the wonderful iSpot web site and within a couple of hours I received two very helpful suggestions as to what it might be. Sincere thanks to Malcolm Greaves in York for this ID.

It appears to be Plicatura crispa, a fungus with a northern distribution, mostly reported in Scotland. Details can be found at this web site. There's a distribution map here

 The dense clusters of fungi were arranged in tiers and mostly concentrated around burrs on the trunk of the tree, but clearly spreading outwards from there. 

Each individual fructification is quite small - no larger than a thumbnail - but there are often over 100 in a cluster.

The upper surface is brownish-buff, paler towards the edge, and the undersurface is white.

From below ....

 ... the gills have a wrinkly appearance.

I need to go back and collect a specimen now, for a closer look.


  1. Never seen anything like it Phil.
    Post again with an ID.
    I'll start trawling through young brackets....What did it smell of?

  2. Brain fungus not Bracket. Still new to me...

  3. Regret to say I didn't smell it Adrian, but will go back and get a bit ...

  4. You always find such interesting things on your perambulations Phil.

  5. Hi John, I had walked passed it twice earlier in the week, before I realised that it seemed a bit unusual. All he best for 2013! Phil