Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brief Encounter

This grey seal popped its head above water when we were walking along the sea wall footpath between Tynemouth and North Shields yesterday, when we were on our way to lunch at the excellent Waterfront fish and chip restaurant on the fish quay. No doubt the seal had fish on its mind too.

The seal appeared just a few yards from the sea wall and what was so delightful about the encounter was that there were families with small children walking along the wall too, who were absolutely thrilled when it popped its head above water to have a look at them. That's the wonder of nature I suppose - always apt to surprise, delight and thrill when you least expect it.

Amazing sea conditions yesterday - almost a flat calm, hardly a breath of wind.


  1. They are great to see. There are often a couple just downstream of the Tees Barrage.

  2. A moment those kids will remember for a long time I think.

  3. Hi Adrian, must take a look down there next time I'm over there - thanks...