Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seeking Shelter ....

Now that the nights of growing colder a steady trickle of refugees are finding their way into the house from the garden. This female earwig is the latest arrival. 

For more earwigs, click here 

Earwigs very rarely unpack their elaborate fan-shaped wings and fly but when they do they are truly beautiful - take a look at this link!


  1. This is beautiful and thanks for the link. Magnificent wings they have.

  2. I welcome spiders into the house. I don't want earwigs. I'm not sure I can dare click to see more of them . . . oh well, if you and Adrian think it's worth it . . . I'll take a deep breath and . . .

  3. Their wings are beautiful, but I am a little wary about them.
    Phil,I couldn't open your comment box on your recent post on Silver Y moth.That moth must be a master at camouflage!