Friday, April 6, 2012

Here be Giants

This wonderful woven willow giant sits on the bank at the northern end of the Woodland Trust's Low Burnhall wood near Durham city.

His natural materials blend in beautifully with the surrounding hedgerows and grassland.....

...... and he's there to greet every walker that arrives at the site...

..... a friendly giant......

.... perched on the skyline, visible from a mile away as you climb up the hill from the south, resting his feet for a while ....

...... and spending his time admiring the view, surrounded by the sound of skylark song and the coconut scent of gorse flowers.

For pictures of the Low Burnhall Farm Wood in summer, click here


  1. Isn't that beautiful? It looks so natural in that setting. I suspect that it will return to the land eventually.

    There is a very large wicker man near a main road that I travel on sometimes, can't recall where, but it is striking.

  2. I guess it will gradually deteriorate toffeeapple - maybe some of those willow rods will take root. I think he needs a woven dog to keep him company...

  3. Me too Ellen - I really admire the skills of people who can do this...

  4. I want one in my garden Vesna - Kalipso!

  5. That is a brilliant sculpture. No doubt is will blend in completely when grass and moss start to grow on it.

  6. I think he's the best of his kind that i've ever seen John - and you're right, he'll look even better when all the wild flowers grow up around him!