Thursday, December 29, 2011

Drying Wings and Wet Feet

On our walk along the coast today from the National Glass Centre in Sunderland to Seaburn we passed several cormorants near St. Peter's marina ...... 

...... drying their waterlogged wings at the end of a fishing session.

Due to their superior fishing skills cormorants tend to be unpopular with fishermen but along this stretch of coast they are the subject of some fine examples of public art, including an impressive series of metal sculptures and ...

... this very attractive weather vane on the bank of the river, where ..... 

..... this red-throated diver in winter plumage was also out fishing in the River Wear estuary.

These sanderling, perched on a rock off Roker beach, were just about to be displaced by the incoming tide and I was concentrating so hard on taking their photograph that I didn't notice the threat until the waves were lapping around my ankles. That's not the first time it's happened either - one of the perils of seashore photography. I completed the rest of the walk with squelching shoes..... 


  1. The water in the shoes was worth it. Great photos!

  2. 'perils of seashore photography', lol how very true.
    A good selection of birds Phil, especially the Red-throated Diver.

  3. I suspect we all suffer such senior moments. Well done with the Diver.

  4. Thanks lotusleaf - beautifully bright winter sunlight on the shore..

  5. Hi Keith and Adrian, next time I'm definitely wearing wellies....