Sunday, May 22, 2011

Song Thrushes

The flagstones on our garden path have been littered with smashed snail shells since early spring, thanks to the predatory skills of our resident song thrushes. Last week their fledgelings left the nest and so far they seem to be doing pretty well.........
... although this one still has a lot to learn. This morning it spent ten minutes perched on the back of a garden seat, demanding to be fed by its own reflection in the window.


  1. Lovely shot Phil.
    They have to learn so quickly.

  2. I wish I had some in my garden, Song Thrushes that is - I already have the snails. That's a lovely picture.

  3. Never seems to be a shortage of snails, though, Nellie!

  4. They surely do Keith, a pair of blackbirds in the garden are colecting nest material for a new nest while they are still being pestered for food by their last brood...

  5. There's something gruesomely satisfying about hearing them whack snails on the path, Toffeeapple..


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