Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Two early-autumn flowering members of the gentian family on the Durham coast

Both of these members of the gentian family (Gentianaceae) were in flower near the limestone quarry south of Seaham on the Durham coast today.

The delightful little felwort, Gentianella amarella ..........

......... also known as autumn gentian .......... and

....  yellow-wort Blackstonia perfoliata, whose leaves are perfoliate - i.e. they have no stalk and the plant stem runs right through the centre of them.


  1. Those are pretty and I like the white parts of the petals on the second picture.

  2. Beautiful wildflowers! It is a treat to red your posts.

  3. Autumn gentian is one of my favourites Toffeeapple, although it's not very common here.

  4. Thanks lotusleaf! Kind regards, Phil