Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Growth

I decided to hurry spring along a bit and germinate some of the sunflower seeds from the bird feeders. The greenfinches won't miss a few.

Place a dry seed on some wet kitchen paper and within a couple days it unleashes one of the marvellous events in the new growing season.

For a more detailed look at what goes on inside delicate new roots, click here


  1. It is so good to see something growing. I bought some fresh peas recently and they were sending out shoots so I saved some to grow on for pea-shoot salad.

  2. Hi Lucy, the thrill of growing plants from seed never wears off, does it?

  3. Hi toffeeapple, I've grown all sorts of plants from groceries over the years - have you tried growing rice from brown rice) or lentils, or pineapples from a pineapple top? Or ginger from root ginger?