Sunday, July 3, 2011


Too hot today to do anything except sit in the shade with a cool beer within easy reach and a camera with a macro lens, watching the froghoppers which are beginning to turn into active adults. This nymph in the late stages of development had left its bath of bubbles behind, then settled on the underside of a lily bud and begun to produce some more 'cuckoo spit'.

This one was keeping cool in its pool of bubbles, while....

... this nymph went walkabout. You can see its wings are developing but have some way to go yet, unlike....

... this adult.

Today's biggest challenge was making sure that none of these little jumpers landed in my beer when they were pinging around in the undergrowth.


  1. I hope your beer didn't get extra flavour:) Thanks for drawing my attention to Striga asiatica, which is a serious parasite of sugarcane and jowar crops.It has a funny, male chauvinist name in Kannada.Did you see my recent post on sandalwood?

  2. Cute little critters, aren't they Adrian...?

  3. Hi lotusleaf, yes - saw the sandalwood post, which was a revelation!