Monday, May 9, 2011

Hoverfly Yoga

1. Stand with good horizontal posture.

2. Raise back legs above wings

3. Touch tip of wings.

4. Scratch your bum with your feet......

5. .... and finish by scratching your nose with your feet while rotating your head through 180 degrees in both directions.

I wish my joints were still this supple.....

I think this might be a species of Neoascia, possibly N. podagrica. The books say it's associated with 'lush or rich herbage' which pretty accurately describes our garden at the moment - which is where I found it.


  1. A brilliant series, photos and narrative. I don't think I will be trying the exercises though.

  2. What fun! I wish I could do something similar, especially the head rotating...

  3. This reminds me... I need to get back 'into' yoga!

    Brilliant photos and fun, witty commentary!

  4. Are you're sure it's yoga, Phil? Could be fly chi. Sorry!

  5. I've often thought it would be good to have a swivel-head like an owl, Toffeeapple - especially when I'm backing the car into the garage...

  6. Me neither John, definitely not something to try at home!

  7. Brilliant Graeme - wish I'd thought of that!

  8. I can do the 'good horizontal posture' bit, Swanscot ......