Sunday, May 8, 2011

Here be Dragons....

Stopping people from blocking your access in the city can be a challenge - here's an interesting, artistic variation on the simple 'No Parking' notice, in an entrance at Stepney Bank in Newcastle.


  1. This is a fine example of urban art.......I do enjoy this genre but hate cities.

  2. Goodness, that's impressive! well-spotted. I'm sorry ginnels and back alleys are getting blocked in cities, though. I can understand security worries, but they make for fascinating exploring, and wildlife discoveries sometimes.
    Phil, are you about today? I'm doing something about the Country Diary and would appreciate a word if you have any spare time (on the poss role of blogs etc, at which you are such a star)
    Warmest wishes, Martin

  3. Hi Adrian, Certainly a cut above the usual unimaginative graffiti.....

  4. Hi Martin,

    I'm just off to give a lecture but will be back at 2.30pm. at my Durham university number - or I could call you if you can give me a number........?

    Or if 2.30 isn't convenient, another time in the afternoon?