Thursday, March 24, 2016


We went up to Tunstall reservoir this morning, on a cold, bleak spring day. Our main purpose was to see if we could watch the courtship of the great crested grebes that nest there every year, but the visit was enlivened by the arrival of ......

.... four whooper swans ........

..... that had chosen to stop off here on their migration back to Iceland.

They were wary and kept well offshore, but we had some good views, and we also ....

.... saw the great crested grebes. There are two pairs there this year. This pair were fishing on the main reservoir .....

.... and this pair were courting in the nature reserve at the head of the valley.


  1. Two species guaranteed to lift the spirits! Thanks for sharing your joy.

    1. certainly made my day on a bleak, cold morning!

  2. A great thing to see, Last time I saw them was just off the A66 near the suspension bridge and the ruined Abbey. There were six then but it was a few years ago. Greta Bridge that was the place.

    1. Often walk in the Greta Bridge area - some lovely countryside there. Now you've reminded me I must go back - thanks Adrian!


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