Sunday, September 27, 2015

Crow v. Sparrowhawk

A couple of days ago we watched this aerial dogfight between a crow and a sparrowhawk near Wolsingham in Weardale.

The sparrowhawk was just cruising along, minding its own business, when the crow dived down on it, missed, soared upward ...

... turned sharply and then had another go.

The hawk veered away ....

... then the crow tried again, this time from below, while ....

... the sparrowhawk looked down to keep an eye on its pursuer ....

... before diving down on the crow as it overshot its target ...

After that the crow kept a respectful distance before ....

... they both went their separate ways


  1. I have lost count of the times I have seen Crows attack larger birds; I wonder what makes them do it?

    1. Surprising, isn't it? I wouldn't have though a sparrowhawk would be much of a threat to a crow. Often see them harassing buzzards, which shake them off with little difficulty

    2. Hi,
      I suspect but don't know but the birds of prey would probably take young crows either from the nest or when they've just fledged, so adult crows keep them away on principle (and to teach their young).
      cheers another phil


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