Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Day on the Durham coast

Some plants and animals from a day walking on the cliffs between Seaham and Hawthorn Dene on the Durham coast last week

Dozens of fully grown drinker moth caterpillars on the steps leading down to Blast beach ...

..... some had even made it all the way down to the beach

Masses of bird'sfoot trefoil in full bloom on the edge of the limestone quarry

Bloody cranesbill coming into bloom on he magnesian limestone grassland

Wonderful display of buttercups in the meadows at Hawthorn Dene

Not many early purple orchids, but some nice specimens

Some glorious displays of hawthorn near Hawthorn Dene. Best year for hawthorn blossom that I can remember

Common milkwort around the quarry area

There's not a lot of sea pink along this coastline but in full bloom

A goldfinch that seemed to be ill and was reluctant to fly, but with no visible signs of injury

.... and finally, fulmars soaring along the cliffs


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Adrian - a rare day of perfect weather

    2. Are these the caterpillars that make little blisters on your fingers if you handle them. I think the ones that do have orange triangular markings. They are both hairy as hell. Just like Keith.

    3. I think quite a few caterpillars secrete irritating substances from these hairs - it's a defence against birds. Doesn't work on cuckoos though, which specialise in eating hairy caterpillars.

  2. Looks like a nice day, great set of photos..

    1. Always something interesting to see there Amanda

  3. How lovely, this post has cheered me no end. Thank you Phil.

    1. The seaside has that effect on me Toffeeapple!