Saturday, May 18, 2013

Slug slayer

After 12 hours of apocalyptic rain the clouds finally parted and the sun came out - and so did the frogs. Now that they've spawned in the garden pond, which is swarming with tadpoles, our resident frogs spend most of their time lurking in the flower beds and there's nothing they like better than a good rain storm, which brings all the slugs crawling out from the undergrowth. 

Very satisfying for the frogs, and from a gardener's perspective too, when they swallow these slimy pests.

The frogs tend to be very wary when they first emerge from hibernation but as the months go by they become accustomed to me gardening around them and sometimes become quite tame. On several occasions in the past I've managed to entice one to take small slugs presented on the tip of my finger, which makes a change from hand-taming robins with meal worms.

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