Sunday, May 12, 2013

Newly minted butterfly.....

We found this newly-emerged green-veined white, still 'pumping up' its hind wings, when we walked along the sea cliffs south of Seaham this morning.

This early purple orchid - the first I've seen this year - was flowering in the meadows near Hawthorn Dene and was already past its best. Spring flowers are enjoying a very short season this year, having been held back for so long............... 

........... but the display of cowslips in the same meadow is magnificent. We also saw ....

............ a few false oxlips, which are the natural hybrid between primroses and cowslips.

Down on Blast beach, at the base of the cliffs, landslips have created sheltered, steep banks at the top of the beach that are carpeted in primroses.

The finest floral display, though, is at the top of the cliffs, where the gorse is in full bloom, with its wonderful coconut aroma and ..... that are so closely packed together that they completely hide the bushes


  1. Looks a very bright and cheerful walk. I'm a rain magnet.

  2. Didn't have to wait long for the rain Adrian - it arrived a couple of hours after these photos were taken...


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