Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Swarm of Beekeepers.....

When we were in Newcastle today we came across this group of beekeepers learning their trade underneath Byker bridge at the Ouseburn Farm.

The growth of beekeeping is apparently one of the factors that led to Newcastle being voted Britain's Greenest City and the city council even has a web site devoted to beekeeping and bee conservation, here

Urban beekeeping is a fast-growing hobby and has several dedicated websites - e.g. here and here and there's an article to read with a lot more links here


  1. Great to see. My father kept bees for many years. I used to play dress up with the veiled hat when he was out.
    I'd love to keep my own hive but haven't managed to yet.

  2. Interesting and heartening to know that people in cities are taking to bee keeping.