Friday, June 10, 2011

The Spider and the Fly

I've been watching this little spider that's been lurking in its web in the corner of the bedroom window for several weeks. I was beginning to think it was the world's most incompetent hunter - until this afternoon, when it finally struck lucky.

A bluebottle buzzed through the window, cannoned against the glass in an effort to get out again and almost immediately blundered into the web. It almost struggled free, but quick-as-a-flash the spider sunk its fangs into the tip of the fly's abdomen. For a moment I thought the fly might struggle free and carry the spider away with it but once the buzzing subsided ....

........ the spider embraced its victim, dragged its massive meal into its web and began feeding. Blackbird - whose bugblog is highly recommended - has kindly identified the spider as Amaurobius similis.

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  1. Great captures, well observed. I think your spider is Amaurobius similis. They have a very characteristic abomen pattern, and although they do resemble Tegenaria, they have proportionally shorter legs and like to live in walls.

  2. Thanks for the ID Blackbird...

  3. "Welcome to my parlor," said the Spider to the Fly!

  4. The spider never stood a chance once it blundered into the web Ellen..