Monday, October 26, 2009

Season of Mouldy Fruitfulness

A few days of mild, humid weather has produced some fine displays of moulds and rust fungi on fruits and leaves that are reaching the end of their useful lives. This bramble is afflicted with both diseases – Botrytis mould consuming its rotting fruit and the rust fungus Phragmidium violaceum producing some beautifully colourful effects on its ageing foliage. There’s a peculiar kind of beauty to be found in decay.

Pristine bramble fruits, before Botrytis fungus found them.....


  1. Hi Phil,
    'There’s a peculiar kind of beauty to be found in decay.'
    I'll drink to that!

  2. Hi Rob,I walked down through some woodlands today and, in the mild, damp air, you could smell the aroma of decay.....

  3. I love that first one Phil.
    I agree; some great pictures to be had like this.