Friday, August 10, 2012

An Excellent Reason for not Mowing the Lawn ...

Velvet bent-grass Agrostis canina is a common component of lawn grasses and this is what you get if you let it grow and flower, instead of mowing the grass to keep it in a perpetual state of retarded development. That mist of tiny flowers will produce a crop of small seeds that birds will eat. A win-win result from leaving the mower to rust.......


  1. Very well presented. How do you process these?

  2. Hi Adrian, I just set up the grass in front of some black velvet on a table in the window, illuminated from the side with sunlight and a mirror reflector, spot metered with minus 1.3 stops compensation (after a lot of trial and error .... then contrast increased a little with Photoshop and a little sharpening. It's an old camera, only 6 megapixels.