Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dead, but still looking good....

These carline thistles Carlina vulgaris flowered last summer but their papery seed heads survive the winter and still look decorative in spring. Photographed yesterday on the cliffs south of Seaham in Co.Durham, along with...

..... blackthorn coming into bloom ....

..... dog's mercury ......

.... some magnificent, coconut-scented gorse blossom ...

..... stinking hellebore Helleborus foetidus, almost certainly a garden escape .....

..... along with some irrepressible daffodils, struggling to flower through a tangle of last year's bramble stems


  1. Wonderful to see all these Spring flowers.
    I fancy a trip to Seaham for the see glass on the beach there.

  2. There doesn't seen to be so much sea glass on the beach as there used to be, does there snippa....?

  3. All looking lovely but the Daffodils get my vote for resilience.

  4. Good to see the spring shoots and blooms appearing, L

  5. Mine too toffeeapple - a wonderful splash of colour amongst the remains of last year's plant life ..