Saturday, December 24, 2011

Look Behind You! Boo!! Hiss!!!

A very Merry Christmas (and pantomime season) to all visitors to this blog - and thank you for all the comments over the last year.

These wonderful pantomime dame wigs - made from papier mache and currently on display at Newcastle City Library - are the work of Keith Wigham (yes, really!) who also performs as a pantomime dame at the People's Theatre, Heaton. More about him here.


  1. Amazing, although any man that takes that much time on his hair needs to have a word with himself!
    But better than some of the dodgy "Syrups" I've seen recently!

    Have a great holiday and thanks for the great posts here and on your other blogs, looking forwards to many more next year.

  2. Wonderful eccentricity! lol

    All the best Phil.

  3. Have a great Christmas Phil, and thank you for keeping us spellbound with your blog!

  4. What amazing confections, he is a clever man.

    Have a wonderful Christmastide Phil and I look forward to continued reading in 2012.

  5. Merry Christmas and thanks for all your hard work.

  6. Season's Greetings, Phil, and wish you a very happy and fulfilling new year!I have enjoyed all your posts, in spite of the spiteful Blogger.Looking forward to more of those interesting posts in 2012.Warm regards.