Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mull of Galloway 2

The cliff top wild flowers on the Mull of Galloway are exquisite in late June and early July. Here bell heather. the first of the three common heather species to flower, mingles with heath bedstraw.

Carpets of wild thyme form part of a natural rock garden, shared with ....

...yellow lady's bedstraw ....

...... and the powder blue flowers of sheepsbit ....

... a member of of the campanula family.

The short, dry turf is also home to the pink and yellow flowers of centaury...

... and English stonecrop survives in tiny pockets of soil ....

... alongside rock sea spurrey

... with its pink, star-shaped flowers.

In a patch of boggy grass, in the shade of a wall, we found this ragged robin and...

.. this unusual double-flowered version of lady's smock


  1. and all this, wild and free. Beautiful Phil.
    That Sheepsbit is a lovely colour.

  2. Lovely wild flowers. Wonderful shots too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Keith, yes, I think the sheepsbit is one of the highlights - it grows all along that coast

  4. Thanks for your kind comments lotusleaf